What is HD lace closure?

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HD lace closure is a new alternative for a human hair treatment that has arrived. The newest and best quality lace is HD lace and it is made of fresh material. The textile material is thinner in texture than translucent or usual lace and is smoother, lighter and more opaque. The translucent lace closure HD will blend in with your skin completely and make the hairline more undetectable. The HD closures sew-in are designed to give you natural-looking styles and make your beauty unique.

HD denotes "high definition". When applied to the scalp, is invisible. This ensures that the wig-wearer can have an exposed hairline, which looks very natural and makes the lace highly undetectable along the hairline. HD lace closure is also referred to as film lace because it is the finest lace in thickness and texture you can buy. To complement the complexion of your face, it can be tinted. Tinting your HD lace closure allows a less noticeable close-up of your frontal appearance.

They have various sizes: 4X4 lace closure, 5X5 lace closure, 6X6 lace closure. HD lace closure weaves. As with the HD lace closure, the HD lace frontal is 13X4 lace and 13X6 lace. We can make all these sizes HD lace units.

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