With our in-house hairpiece factory, we have full control over the consistency and quality of our stock and custom hair units. Our attention to detail will help your business grow.


Our sales team will provide professional guidance and insights and respond to any queries quickly and efficiently. We understand the importance of a personal response.


We control wigs and hair pieces production, we do everything we can to avoid delays, so your order gets to you on time. If your order is delayed in any case, you will be notified immediately.



Q: What’s your delivery time?
A: We supply both stock and custom-made hair units all over the world. Stock hair units can be sent out within 1-2 business days after payment. Delivery will take about 3-5 business days. The production time of custom-made hair units will vary according to the exact quantity, designs and specifications. Partial hair units usually take about 6-9 weeks. Delivery will then take about 3-5 business days.
Q: What are your shipping methods?
A: Usually we ship your hair orders with FedEx, DHL, UPS. Orders usually take about 3-5 business days to deliver. Or if you have other requests, please let me know it after the payment.

Q: Which payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept the following payment methods: PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram, and bank transfers.


Q: What’s your return policy?
A: You can return stock hair systems that are unused, uncolored and uncut to us within 1 months of shipment. Once we receive them, we will refund the full value of your goods.

For custom-made hair units, if it’s a production fault or a quality problem, we will repair or remake them for your clients free of charge. If it’s an order fault or the fault is through a lack of customer maintenance, we will have to charge to adjust or repair the hair unit and the cost will depend on the specific nature of the repair.

Please note that whatever the problem, it’s best if you inform us as soon as possible as this makes it easier and quicker for us to check the problem ourselves and resolve it.

Q: Where and how can I get your prices?
A: Thank you for your interest in our products. Please contact one of our sales representatives by email, phone or WhatsApp +8615264227017 to get our stock and custom-made hair units price lists. If you would like to make your own stock orders for more than 20pcs with the same specifications, we can give you good rates.

Q: Are you a hair manufacturer or a trading company? May I know more about your company?
A: Enoya Hair is a professional hair manufacturer based in Qingdao, China. With over 10 years’ experience in this field, we are dedicated to supplying high-quality stock and custom hair units for wholesale business partners. We have over many skilled and experienced technicians at our factory. In addition, we employ more than 500 ventilation workers who knot more than 8,000 stock and custom hair pieces one month.
Q: What types of hair do you stock?
A: We use remy and virgin human hair for stock hair units. For custom-made orders, we use hair type as you request.
Q: What’s the difference between Remy hair, Virgin hair, and non-Remy hair?
A: Remy hair undergoes very little treatment so all its cuticles remain intact.
Virgin hair have been braided and it is cut directly from the head of the donor. This means that all of its cuticles point in the same direction so chemical treatment is only needed on the return hair.
Non-Remy hair is treated to remove all of the cuticles. We do this so that tangling is not a problem in the hair system because non-Remy hair is collected without any regard to the cuticle direction.

Q: Do you provide a hair system repair service?
A: Yes, we provide a hair system repair service at our Enoya Hair factory. We can add hair to bald patches, increase hair density, add gray hair, fix worn or damaged areas of the base, replace lace fronts, etc. Please contact us before you want to send out repair units and we’ll give you some professional advices.
Q: Can you duplicate my clients’ old hair unit?
A: Yes, we can duplicate your clients’ old hair unit according to their requirements. 
Q: Do you have wigs in stock?
A: Yes, we also have wigs in stock. Please contact or WhatsApp +8615264227017 for our stock list. If you do not find what your clients are looking for then we can do custom-made orders instead.
Q: Do you accept send-in hair orders?
A: Yes, we can make send-in hair orders with your hair material. Please send your order specifications and hair material details to or WhatsApp +8615264227017 for an order quotation.
Q: How to order with Enoya Hair?
A: For stock orders, you can send your request to or send a message to WhatsApp +8615264227017. For custom-made orders, you can email us the specifications or a completed order form. 

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